Virgin Gorda


Author Joan Massel Soncini, PhD, in her book, Virgin Gorda: An Intimate Portrait, states that in Circa 300 A.D. ” Archaeologists believe that South American Indians, the Arawak Indians, Virgin Gorda’s first inhabitants, arrive at North Sound.” The book also mentions that during the 12th thru the 16th. century, the Carib and Ciboney Indians lived on Virgin Gorda.

According to British Virgin Islands history, Christopher Columbus was the first European visitor. It is said that when Columbus sailed to Virgin Gorda, the shape of the island reminded him of a fat virgin laying on her side. The Spanish translation for fat virgin is Virgin Gorda. Hence forth, the island received its name.

Virgin Gorda is the easternmost island of the British Virgin Islands. It is ten miles long and less than one mile long. It is divided in to three distinct parts:

  • The Valley is the southern part of the island and it is rocky and flat.
  • The central part of the island is very hill and lush.
  • The northern part of the island is known as North Sound.

The large granite boulders are not found in the northern or central parts of Virgin Gorda.

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